If yours drains are slow, or they just won’t flow…Call DR Drain Cleaning

Trust DR Drain Cleaning in Battle Creek to Tackle Your Clogged Pipes


With years of experience, exceptional customer care and quality drain clearing services, DR Drain Cleaning in Battle Creek is your best bet for superior plumbing help. We’ll come to your residential or commercial property, inspect your system and pinpoint the issue before fully informing you of the solution.

We work hard to keep you updated throughout the process so you can have confidence in our ability to clear your drains. Whether your commercial pipes or the laundry lines in your home are clogged, you’ll find the plumbing professionals you need at DR Drain Cleaning in Battle Creek.

We can clear any drain – regardless of size and the severity of the clog. If we find traditional cleaning methods don’t work, we have the skills and equipment to hydrojet your pipes. If you’ve been living and working with slow moving drains, get the help you need from DR Drain Cleaning in Battle Creek.

Call our residential and commercial plumber today at 269-420-4622 to schedule your initial consultation!


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